paintings, photography ,video, landart

lives and works  in Hagen, Germany and temporary in Australia at the East Coast
study psychology, independent art studíes, Braunschweig, Berlin, Hagen

2019 videoproject landart Australia
2018 videoproject Icland
→ The Factory (Youtube)
→ Eyes on Djupavik (Youtube)
2016, 2017 Landart project „ART OF WALKING“, Dondorawn Beach Queensland, Australien
  4. Art Symposium on Iceland/ Lake Stiflisdahl, videos and landart project
  Placed on the „Kölner Liste“ fair for contemporary art, Cologne
2015 Videodocumentation „Korridor der Zeit“ 13 parts(1.68min) - ein tracvel document
2014 Photos personify in the work oft he artist a kind of zwitter function. On the one hand as a image process leading from the picturesque quality of the nature, on the other handvon as a abtract image document from a past reality
  10.000 km with a bushcamper through the outbackon traditional tracks
  Photo Art Project „a long way down“ an. Treated and overpainted photographies from the desert.
  Video installation „Annäherung an einen Bachlauf“ (11Min)
  Videodocumentation „Im tiefen Sand“ (68 Min)/ Australien
Trailer „Im tiefen Sand“ (3.10min)
  Video installation „Approuch to a creek“ / (11 Min)
2013 Photo documentary „Coastal Explorer“ /Australia (60 Min) neu
  Video documentary „Hörst Du den Brachvogel“ / Icland (14Min) neu
2012 Winning Award „Photo of the Year“, Golftime Verlag GmbH
  from the curator Margret Schopka the artist is invited to the Art-Symposium at Lake Stiplisdahl / Iceland. The artist works at the landart project “earth-panel”
  cooperation with the international composer Martin Gerigk. Oriented to the pictures of artist arises the composition „structures of nature“, sound images with 8 cellis.
  documantary „playing memory“ of the director Sebastian Jobst. A journey through the paintings, images and videos of the artist.
2011 the calendar “Photographs by Heide Schimke” is created in support of the Soroptimist project “Sorptimists go for water and food”
Since 2006 She now regularly sets out for lengthy study trips and travel to Australia, making the East Coast off Fraser Iceland (Queensland) her focal point, where she temporarily lives and works. From the south of Tasmania to the north she gets to know the continent more and more thorough, while she enjoys the remoteness and unspoiled nature most on Fraser Iceland, where she receives the most stimulus for her artistic work.
2004 travelling to South Africa, New Zealand, Peru und Australia, Iceland
The dealings with nature lead the artist more and more to structurally seeing. Surfaces are the subject, they are part of the human history. Therein she feels the sum of all memories: erosive tracks, blurred forms, washouts, drifts, the shining through of different earth surfaces.
2002 photographic project „body-landscapes“, pictures from flights over the namib deseart , Africa
2001 member of the “FrauenKunstForum“ , Southwestfalia (www.frauenkunstforum.de)
1993 free artist and self-employed therapist in Hagen
1989 - 1993 work as a psychologist in psychiatry, Hagen
1989 member of the International Sociaty for Art, Design and Therapy, Monte Verita, Ascona/ Switzerland
1987 – 1989 activity at the university of Braunschweig in cooperation with the College of Fine Art
1985 beginning of the independent art studies, influenced by the painter Wolfgang Isle (1945-1996), Berlin and Braunschweig
1982 - 1987 studied psychology
1961 born in Germany/ Hagen - Westfalen
lives and works in Germany and Australia